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parker 01-24-2009 04:44 PM

salty dog, that pic is hilariouse. you should teach him how to ride a skateboard like dogs. and i dont think i would put my snakes in my shed, it would be a ***** to keep at the right temps. but i do wanna become a breeder.

dwg1211 01-24-2009 08:06 PM

when I say, 'in shed', I'm referring to the shedding process... but her enclosure is in a shed.. can't have her in the house here.. it was a bit tricky to get it right, but I have undertank heat (flexwatt), a 150 watt ceramic heat emitter, and two 250 watt red heat lamps.. Ranco thermostat and timer control everything.. she is quite comfortable.. going to upsize her enclosure this spring..

parker 01-25-2009 12:37 AM

this is who im getting if i get one. im waiting for a reply from the breeder. he's 40$. im guesing he's captive bred and im waiting to see where he will be shipped from. He's so cute!!!!![IMG][/IMG]

DodoBird27 01-25-2009 01:25 AM

Does this mean you have convinced the parents? Or do they not know? xD

parker 01-25-2009 01:36 AM

they dont know. im gonna work on them 2 morrow.
he emailed me back. they are captive bred. its amazing how a snake that awesome looking and professionally bred is 30 dollars more than a ball python in petsmart.

DodoBird27 01-25-2009 03:07 AM

$30!! Wow thats a great deal! Is it a baby?

parker 01-25-2009 03:12 AM

Is actually 40$. Typo. Still good deal. If the pic is of the one I would get then I have no clue. He said he feeds them pinkeys. But it looks too big to be eating them. That reminds me what does F/T mean?

DodoBird27 01-25-2009 03:16 AM

Im pretty sure that F/T frozen/thawed, I think I remember someone telling me that at some point. Good looking snake too, I hope that you can get him!

parker 01-25-2009 03:26 AM

Maybe I'll get the 2 for 70$ deal. Jk. They're kill eachother on their way here!

dwg1211 01-25-2009 03:59 AM

yep.. he's a beaut!.. California Kingsnakes will eat other snakes, so I'd keep him by himself to be safe.. especially away from other males.. ;).. good luck!

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