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abaylon 06-07-2011 11:16 AM

Help! Need information fast!!!
Hello fellow snake lovers!! I am hoping and praying that someone somewhere in this forum can give me some guidance.

I am in a custody battle of sorts with my daughters' grandparents and legal guardians. In a nutshell, they refuse to allow my daughters (ages 14 & 15) to visit my home so long as my two Colombian red tail boas are present. Every time we go in front of a judge or mediator, I am never allowed to defend myself or my pets or present any kind of information on my behalf.

I have 2 red tails. My male, Dr. Sqeeze, is just under 7 feet. My female, Shakira, is a little over 4 feet. Neither one has ever bitten anyone nor struck at anyone the entire 6+ years we have owned them. My daughters' grandparents have never even seen the snakes or their enclosure.

We have a court date coming up in a few weeks. It will be my one and only chance to file any sort of documentation or information to back up my side. This is where I need your help, friends!! Can anyone point me in the direction of some POSITIVE information on keeping snakes as pets??

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

hp0544 06-07-2011 03:00 PM

Are there pets where they are currently? Counter saying the kids are in some sort of danger there!

Every state has different laws and if you don't have already you should get a lawyer to deal with this. ****s you would have to dish out some cabbage to deal with this but it may be the only way unless you "temporarly" get rid of the snakes

lovesnuffles 06-07-2011 03:12 PM

Reptiles USA magazine has a wonderful article on reptiles and kids together. If you could find it and present it, I'm sure it might help some. But I thought you or someone else had posted this before and we'd gone through the run down ....

First off, those snakes pose no threats to those kids. They're teenagers ... They're bodies are almost fully grown and they definitely couldn't be overpowered at this point by your two snakes. Maybe if your snakes were a little bigger and you had some small girls, but no, not at this point.

Having reptiles around will teach your kids to be more open minded about things they never liked before, as well as help them understand creatures of nature a little more. You could get a dog, yes, but does that really help? No. Snakes act in captivity the same as they would in the wild. They can see the snakes for what they truly are, not some domesticated, subdued animal that bends to our every will. Snakes teach respect and compassion. I mean, come on, if you can give compassion to a snake, you can give compassion to anything.

Lemme try to find you some material on it though: ((I thought this one would be helpful in the pet facts. Notice how many deaths that dogs cause on average every single year, and yet they only have ONE pet snake fatality on here ... And it was a burmese python ... Much larger snake than a redtail boa. Your kids are better protected with the snakes than the dogs.)) ((There is a page two on this one. Don't skip it! Some juicy stuff on it!))

Good luck in court and I hope you show those grandparents who's boss!! D:< That just really ticks me off!! I'm currently pregnant with twin boys and people keep telling me that I need to get rid of my snakes because they aren't good to have around babies. I tell those people to mind their own business and I'll raise my boys however the hell I want, and if that includes going and picking up a boa contrictor at the age of two, then so be it. If they want to do things differently, they should go have their own damn kids and take care of them how THEY want! D:< Thankfully, though, I only hear it from outside influence. Both my mom and my boyfriend's mom have no problems with my snakes and even kind of like them. Even if they didn't like them though, there's not much they can say in my case. My reptiles live out in the shed, not in the house.

DennyS 06-13-2011 08:20 PM

What state are you in? I would take an 8x10 of each enclosure showing the entire cage and a closeup of the safety features.

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