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frankywdmn 12-28-2011 05:04 PM

Thanks everyone! I'm starting to feel better now. And yes, indeed it is going to be a great New Year, as I don't have much research to do and I have A LOT of drinking to catch up on! :)

lovesnuffles 12-29-2011 12:34 AM

Drinking contest Franky?! >:] Lol

frankywdmn 12-29-2011 06:14 PM

I'll take that challenge! I'm actually at my dad's right now; but I'm going home tomorrow.

lovesnuffles 12-29-2011 06:58 PM

Pfft! No! Stay til New Year's! Drinking contesstttt!! :P ((You'll totally win. I'm such a lightweight :( ))

WiccanWolf88 12-29-2011 07:19 PM

Well, on a positive note it looks like we FINALLY have competition with the crappy pet place here in Lockport! PetSmart just opened up on the main strip and I think I will take a trip up there tomorrow to see what they have. If they have reptiles, I am definitely getting Lucy's food from there from now on! :)

frankywdmn 12-30-2011 03:13 AM

Snuffles, if I had my car I would drive up to Baton Rouge and we would! But I took a train. :(

lovesnuffles 12-30-2011 04:02 AM

Awww :( I'd come get ya if I had gas lol :P Well come back to New Orleans the weekend of the 7th and 8th!! There's gonna be a reptile show ... A tiny one ... but it's not gonna be far from you ... Like 45 minute drive.

frankywdmn 12-30-2011 09:05 PM

Well, I made it back home. Is the show going to be in Baton Rouge??

lovesnuffles 12-30-2011 11:13 PM

No, it'll be in Hammond

frankywdmn 12-31-2011 08:13 AM

Wiccan, I just saw your comment; that's awesome!

Snuffles, that's the weekend before school starts back for me (it starts on the 9th). I might be able to come down though... maybe! It would be a lot of fun. The only thing is, I wouldn't be staying at my dad's, so I could only stay for one day, or I'd have to get a motel room; which wouldn't be a big deal so long as I have the time and money. But I'll try to make a trip to Louisiana to see you soon! Maybe closer to my birthday if not the 7th and 8th. :)

And, Snuffles, I MIGHT make a facebook page, since I know I'm going to wind up making one to keep in touch with friends when I go off to grad school in a couple of years--whether it be in Louisiana, or some other state.

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