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frankywdmn 08-19-2012 02:43 AM

Newest snakes
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Hey guys. I don't know if I've mentioned this on boatips, but a while back I got two trans-pecos rat snakes--a normal female het for blonde, and an axanthic male. There are some pictures of them up on facebook, but here is a picture of the male for those of you who aren't on facebook. He's super awesome, and they're probably the coolest snakes I've owned!

lihed 08-19-2012 04:49 PM

Awseome snake, how big will they get?

lihed 08-19-2012 04:50 PM

in my opinion they are the best looking rat snakes i've ever seen

frankywdmn 08-19-2012 07:04 PM

They are my favorite rat snakes! I usually don't even like colubrids, but when I saw those huge eyes, I fell in love. The males get to be about five feet, whereas the females get about four and a half.

lovesnuffles 08-20-2012 05:16 PM

Really? The males get larger? Lol, that's different. He is really pretty though. Very cute face!!

frankywdmn 08-20-2012 10:02 PM

Yep. The males get larger with this species. They're pretty awesome snakes, though; super curious and really calm.

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