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WiccanWolf88 11-10-2012 09:37 PM

Using Mineral Oil
I know its been awhile since I was on the forum, but I have a question concerning the use of mineral oil.
I know it can be used for many purposes, but mine will probably be for shedding problems. Now, Lucy had the most HORRIBLE shed this last took nearly two weeks to all come off and it was sad :( For some reason her tank does not hold moisture very well...I got a hold of some mineral oil and what a godsend!
My question was if there is anything about using TOO much mineral oil? She is nice a and shiny now, but does it clog pores? Or do I have to worry about that? I rubbed it in good and it was so much better! I was wondering if I could use it like every week? Or two weeks? Or just when I notice she is going into blue?
I want to try and avoid the mess we had this last was torture! For her and me.
Thanks in advance for any input!:D

DennyS 11-11-2012 12:04 AM

Mineral Oil OK for snakes EXTERIOR
Don't have to worry about that. I would only use it immediately prior to shedding and during the shed process to help the shed off her body. I have used it before with no problems.:)

lihed 11-11-2012 11:48 AM

PLEASE only use the mineral oil like Denny said post shed. you will not have any problem with the mineral oil at that point as long as she going to shed it off. Please do not put mineral oil on her otherwise. here is what will happen to Lucy. if you put mineral oil on and she's not going to shed, the mineral oil just sits on her, will not let there skin breath and it's always moist so within a weeks time you will start to notice her scales coming off. and what a mess that is, mineral oil is very hard to wash back off your snake. Please i've seen this a few times with people using mineral oil to treat mites. the good thing is the next time the snake shed all scales come back. But really don't use mineral oil just to make her look shiny, i don't know how you have her tank set up but if your having problems with humidity, when i had a snake housed in an aquarium, i used aspen mulch in the cage which holds humidity very well, and i had the entire screen top covered with tin foil the only spot that wasn't covered with tin foil was were the heat sat, this will keep the humidity from escaping out from the top of the cage. hope this helps

WiccanWolf88 11-12-2012 01:09 AM

Ok thanks for the input! There is oil on her now, but I will gradually try to bath her and maybe some more will come off.
I HAVE noticed a few spots where her scales seem to have come off (they are white spots with no color) and I thought it was from the last shed being so hard.
But this explains it.
Denny, thanks for the input! I will make a note in her notebook about this.

I have two lights on top of her tank; one for the heat day light and the other for her infrared night light. The only space is in between the two where there is not that much room.

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