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lihed 10-22-2013 12:17 AM

to Roy [wildfires]
I seen on the national news tonight that there are wildfires in Australia.

I pray that these fires are no were near you. please let us know that all is well with you and your family.

Roy 11-12-2013 06:20 AM

Sorry for the late reply lihed. We often get a lot of bushfires in this country, but no I am well and truly safe from them. I do have a lot of bushland at the back of my house, but we have never had any problems with bushfires in our area (touch wood). The bushfires are down south near Sydney, 1,000 kilometers away. Some my friends that are living down there are affected by then though. Some are getting sick from breathing in the smoke all the time.

lihed 11-12-2013 01:42 PM

I'm happy to hear you are well and not affected by the wildfires.

sorry to hear about your friends though, I wish them well

Roy 11-15-2013 11:17 PM

Thanks for that. My friends are suffering from the fires, but at least they haven't had anything valuable destroyed by fire, unlike six or seven years ago in Victoria (further south) I had a friend who's two teenage daughters burned to death while trying to save their horses.

WiccanWolf88 11-22-2013 05:17 AM

Oh no! That's terrible :(

Roy 11-22-2013 07:56 AM

Yeah, it was a very sad and tragic time.:(

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