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dwg1211 09-26-2008 12:23 AM

glasses = personality... :wink: (as opposed to contacts).. I'm not an 'eyeball toucher' either.. I wore glasses for a little while in school.. could never keep up with them.. I didn't need them.. and since I was in about the 8th grade when I got them, I never got used to wearing them all the time.. I did notice a big difference in my vision, though.. I was amazed at what I'd been missing.. I have Blue Cross / Blue Shield insurance.. bet I could get some cheap.. :?:
...I'm a sunglasses person.. if I'm not wearing them, they're on my head.. even at night or if it's raining.. lol... I just get used to them being there.. I use them as safety glasses at work.. I have a habit of reaching up and repositioning them on my head.. if they're not there I feel like something's missing... :roll:

ssgdukes 09-26-2008 01:36 PM

Yeah I hear you on the sunglasses Doug. That's why I got transistion lens with my glasses because I can't see without sunglasses in the sun. I think spending so much time in the desert has ruined my eyes to sunlight. Glasses do make up a person's personality :wink:

Herpmonkey 09-26-2008 04:58 PM

Yeah I did not start wearing glasses until I was 19...should have been at 17 but mom & dad had no ins and were already paying for my brothers, so I did not say brother started wearing glasses in the 3rd grade and he has to wear them all the time...he can only see colored blurs with out them :shock: ...
I do not wear mine all the time, just driving and subtitles at the movies & opera...Just like Doug I do use my sunglasses for my safety glasses(for yard work)...I use to have my sunglasses on or on top of my head all the time but then I had my babies and the sunglasses were just something else for them to grab :roll: ...

Doug, I do have Blue cross / Blue shield of Oregon they cover $85 on frames, 100% covered on single vision lenses...I do not know if BC /BS of NC coverage is the same as OR if you call the toll free number they can help you out, that is what I did and they have always been fast and friendly to me...

But I got my glassed at my eye doctor office so everything was a little higher priced...My Mather-in-law checked out Costco (got hers there) and they where cheaper then what I got and they had some big brands... but I would have to travel 2 hours into Portland to get to a Costco so with the price of gas I would not have saved any money...that just comes with living out in the sticks...So you may want to do some price checking Costco, Sam's club and other big eyeglass places...

dwg1211 09-26-2008 05:10 PM

cool! I'll check that out... thanks for the info, Herp.. 8)

I hear ya Dukes... I'm sure the sun & sand exposure wreaks havoc on the eyes... another sacrifice... much respect..

Herpmonkey 09-26-2008 05:39 PM

You are welcome, Doug :wink:
P.S. if you do get eyeglasses you may find that you will put them on top of your head like you do your sunglasses...I do...oops

lovesnuffles 09-26-2008 06:34 PM

I got glasses in the 7th grade and only because my teacher called and told my parents that I was squinting in class o.o I didn't want glasses. Thought I'd look like even more of a nerd =/ ((I thought I was the biggest nerd in the world already because I had braces and I was so shy, so no one would talk to me because they mistook my shyness as I didn't like them))

Then I got them and I'd sneak them on every now and then so no one could see me in them ((I sat at the back of the class, so it was all good.))

Then my teacher caught me putting them on and she goes "You finally got glasses?! Let me see! Someone turn on the light!" That was followed with a chorus of "You look so cute!!" and "Oh my God, they look soooo good on you!!" =/ So I guess I just started wearing them all the time after that.

I'm so used to wearing them now, though, that sometimes I forget they're there. I have to take them off if I'm reading or playing my DS though because I'm near-sighted and I can't see more than five inches away from my face, but if I play or read with them on, it gives me a headache. So if you walk in on me reading, my nose will literally be in the book.

The other night at my boyfriend's, I took them off to play my game and then I put them back on and kept looking for them afterward. He took them off my head and gave me that look like "You serious?!" Lol, I was a bit embarrassed.

dwg1211 09-26-2008 08:19 PM

ok snuffles... you've been very brave with your pics and nerd confessions.. so.. not to be outdone.. here goes..

I quit school 2 months before graduation (passing... my only required class was English IV.. all other credits covered).. because I had skipped too many days.. couldn't pass.. was hanging out with the 'cool crowd'.. :roll:... anyway.. when I went back to school the next year, I had braces... and started wearing glasses again.... AND... :oops: it was the 80's... it was 'cool' for guys to get perms.. and wear Members Only jackets... LOL!... I was always a 'baby-face'.. never looked my age.. I looked like friggin' Anthony Michael Hall in Sixteen Candles!.. with some pimpin' frameless, pink tinted glasses... :lol: :lol:

..I hope I have a picture somewhere... never did get a yearbook that year..

lovesnuffles 09-26-2008 09:16 PM

Lol, Doug o.o I don't feel so bad anymore xD Haha! Jk :D

But seriously >.> Rimless pink-tinted glasses?

dwg1211 09-26-2008 10:12 PM

yeah.. you know the ones... they're darker at the top and fade to clear going down... never mind... I'm not helping myself... :roll:


Roy 09-27-2008 04:01 AM


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