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parker 04-09-2009 02:41 AM

their not that big. everyone makes a big deal about them. their not that big.

JessySihk 04-09-2009 03:09 AM

Parker Honey is a baby compared to how big a burm can get lol, trust me ;]

rainbowgirl 04-09-2009 03:14 AM

It does look like her tail is pretty long. That could mean that she is a he but I would get her probed because I don't know how reliable that tail thing is. I am sure you could get her probed fairly easy.

raptor667 04-09-2009 03:17 AM

Hi Dale....from the tale I would have to say Honey is boy.

Still a good looking snake....but a boy one....;)

And parker....with a length topping out at 22ft and weighing nearly big did you want it to be??????:eek:

Twitch_1993 04-09-2009 03:18 AM

Honey's a really good looking snake Dale, looks like you're taking really good care of her.

DodoBird27 04-09-2009 04:03 AM

A dude named Honey? How embarrassing...

Still love her!

JessySihk 04-09-2009 04:14 AM

Doesnt anyone here every watch the youtube videos showing you how to 'Pop' a snake? Its very easy sexing but do it right or you can hurt your snake lol

DodoBird27 04-09-2009 04:26 AM

Exactly, some people don't trust them selves to do it just right, especially if its their first time. Its just safer to go to a vet.

dale64 04-09-2009 12:22 PM

I was thinking boy, Honey is going to have to live with a complex about his name..... nobody gets to make babies here unless its a feeder!!! so sex don't matter...babies would never leave... Honey thx you for compliments

lovesnuffles 04-09-2009 01:11 PM

Lol, Jessy, YOU go try to "pop" that nine foot burm xD

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