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parker 05-13-2009 11:03 PM

i can juggle! 3 balls, 2 hands or 2 balls one hand. im still learning, but i can do it 10 sec, 15 max. and ive done it with golf balls, and never hit myself :p but i had a book, learned a little, then took it on my own. tennis balls work best so far.
and in other news, i asked a girl to the reptile expo this weekend. it went sorta weired. i asked her if she wanted to go to the reptile expo with me this weekend, and she responded with "no, im gonna be really busy this summer"? im confuzzed. im still trying to figure out if i didnt interpret her answer well, or if she didnt interpret my question well?

DodoBird27 05-13-2009 11:06 PM

Sounds like she didn't hear you so well lol her answer doesn't make any sense!

parker 05-13-2009 11:08 PM

maybe. i hate my noice so F***ING MUCH!! i really wouldnt mind if i became mute.

rainbowgirl 05-14-2009 01:22 AM

That or she is trying to avoid the, "well how bout next weekend?" question.

lovesnuffles 05-14-2009 02:10 AM

Hmmm ... I dunno Parker .... This girl you asked, how often do you talk to her? If it's not much, she may have denied you because she isn't comfortable around you. If so, try to e-mail or even myspace or facebook her or something. Anything to get her to warm up to you more.

Could also be that she's afraid of reptiles. I believe that I remember you saying she described Goblin as "cute" but she may not like snakes and that could also be a very big problem. Main image when you say "reptile" is a snake.

Or it could be that she didn't understand your question. Some expos and conventions can last weeks and she may be thinking this could be one of them. Try to set her straight and tell her it's just one day and then tell her dinner is on you cause it's only the gentlemanly thing to do :D Haha

parker 05-14-2009 08:35 PM

she's fine with animals... she wants to be a vet! so i dont think that was the reason. we hang out with our friends, but weve never really talk to eachother like email or anything. and she doesnt have aim, and i dont have gmail (which she uses.) but my friend is going to talk to her and just see what she meant. im nagging him to do it now.

lovesnuffles 05-15-2009 01:57 AM

Lol, good. You should find out. You're a bigger person than I was at your age, I'll tell you that =O I was so afraid of rejection that I never talked to anyone o.o

And now I realize how silly that is ... Isn't not even trying and knowing for sure worse than rejection? o.o

But don't take my little story the wrong way. I'm sure she won't reject you and if she does, she's an idiot =O Who could pass up a guy like you? You love animals, you're smart, you don't do drugs o.o That's a major find these days o.o

parker 05-15-2009 08:50 PM

haha. you make it sound so simple!

lovesnuffles 05-16-2009 03:26 AM

Lol, it really is that simple o.O People just make it out to be worse than it is. It's anxiety :)

Roy 05-16-2009 10:57 PM

Good advice Snuffles and good luck Parker, persistence often pays off in this game, (Yes, it's a game)

However, I am of the opinion that most women these days are not sure what they want, (no offense). This weekend was the final break-up with my girlfriend of four months, and she gave me the list of reasons, and amongst these reasons were, I'm too 'wild' and get this......I'm too conservative??????????

I rest my case!

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