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lovesnuffles 06-22-2009 11:48 PM

Lol, oh my gosh xD Haha, my hair is just a little past my shoulders and I hate it >.> I might just see if my cousin can give me a trim really quick o.O But I'm scared to ask cause she's pregnant and hormonal D: Lol

frankywdmn 06-22-2009 11:50 PM

Just don't make her mad! My hair is about as long as my shoulders now. I want to get it cut, but I need to keep my money so I can feed my babies. O.o

lovesnuffles 06-22-2009 11:54 PM

Lol, well I need to keep my money cause I got my babies to feed and then a new car to pay for, insurance, and I'd like to get another gecko in place of Jamie and someone I know has some beardie eggs and when they hatch she'll sell me a pastel for $40 D: And I only make minimum wage ;.; I can't afford all that. Oh! And cell phone bill ;.;

I need to go and find me a sugar daddy >.> Old guys love me, it can't be hard to find a rich one >.> Lol xD Jk

frankywdmn 06-22-2009 11:57 PM

Haha. Maybe not! The only girls that like me now are drunk ones. =/

lovesnuffles 06-23-2009 12:05 AM

Lol, that may not be such a bad thing xD Haha, jk xD Don't take advantage D<

frankywdmn 06-23-2009 12:10 AM

Believe you me, I don't. I could not/would not be able to live with myself.

lovesnuffles 06-23-2009 04:18 AM

Lol, you're better than most guys then xD

frankywdmn 06-24-2009 01:34 AM

Thanks, I try! :)

Brendan-in-China 07-17-2009 07:52 PM

Here is me at some village ruins. This place was snake central and I got this pic because apparently if you look 3/4 to the right and exactly in the vertical middle you will see large falled rock with what people tell me was a snake scurying to get underneath it. Very hard to see in this scaled down pic.

Anyway, as a kid I used to collect frogs, lizards, spiders and wetas. But being in NZ was never allowed a snake. Now I can and want to finally get one after all these years.

DodoBird27 07-17-2009 07:57 PM

It may just be me, but I can't see the pic.

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