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lovesnuffles 02-11-2011 12:50 PM

Lol, all snakes hate the smell of cigarettes :O It's a lot harder on them than it is on us. But hair dye is pretty stinky as well!! >w< At least for me xD Lol

Welcome!!! Do post pictures soon :] You can do what slight suggested. It works.

WiccanWolf88 02-24-2011 04:39 AM

I will try
I will try soon. I am working almost nonstop on the last paper for my Master degree and that is taking up a lot of my time. But this is the last week! YAY!:D

frankywdmn 02-24-2011 04:44 AM

A master's? In what, if you don't mind me asking?

WiccanWolf88 02-24-2011 05:58 AM

It's a Criminal Justice and Security Administration Masters from the University of Phoenix online. It's been almost two years. ;)

frankywdmn 02-24-2011 06:18 AM

Oh, that's cool. I was just curious. I plan on going to grad school in a couple of years.

WiccanWolf88 02-24-2011 06:21 AM

That is cool, I don't mind. :) I just can't believe that it's been that long and less than a week to go! :D

frankywdmn 02-24-2011 06:23 AM

Yeah, I bet it is awesome to almost be finished with school.

WiccanWolf88 03-09-2011 05:27 AM

I am replying to this thread so I am not deleted. :)

lovesnuffles 03-09-2011 11:14 AM

Lol, don't listen to it Wiccan. That was a bot itself.

WiccanWolf88 03-09-2011 05:23 PM

LOL, oh god! How can you tell? This is my first time in a chat room really ever and I didn't even know what a bot was! LOL. Thanks!:rolleyes:

lovesnuffles 03-09-2011 11:51 PM

Lol, well first, it had no authority to delete anyone. Not even us mods can delete people. We can ban, but we can only ban names, so essentially, you could come right back with a different name like nothing ever happened.

And second, usually if it has that flower under its name, it's usually a bot. Not many real people have ICU accounts ((I think that's what it's called? ICU)), so I usually am able to tell by that.

WiccanWolf88 03-10-2011 05:15 PM

Oh okay thanks snuffles. LOL:D

lovesnuffles 03-10-2011 06:50 PM

No problem :D

RitteeCon 03-19-2011 03:04 PM

Can you link us to his profile please? I am unaware of this chap. The front page does not seem to think he has logged on today either. Is he a "new-owner-although-there-isnt-officially-one-yet" plant?

Tanydashw 03-19-2011 06:10 PM

My mom got the house to be fumigated and the made didnīt cover or got ut my pet snake, now it`s acting funny, kind of nervous and itīs eyes are a different color (light green), what happened to it? Tanydash:(

Flenemob 04-06-2011 06:49 AM

Were still working on the forum Monday, 21st November so please bear with us.

Weve noticed a couple of new members already - Welcome

We will put up a copy of the old Forums postings in a few days time too.


Jason Williams

carpioleads 04-10-2011 05:16 PM

hi im new to this site would just like to say ello to you all ive posted a thread about my snake but got no replys:mad:

snake-luver 04-14-2011 06:08 AM

my snake is flaking! what am i doing wrong?!?!
idk what to do my snake is flaking but she just shed am i doing somthing wrong? is it normal? plz reply :confused:

lovesnuffles 04-15-2011 02:48 AM

Flaking? Do you mean she's shedding again? Check her for mites or other skin problems. Shedding a lot is a symptom of those.

DennyS 04-25-2011 02:17 PM

I wish we could Ban a member by their IP address. That would stop their coming back. We have some bots that come back immediately after banning them. Gets really tiresome!

Bluedon 06-01-2011 08:45 AM

New Guy
Thanks for the info I've already picked up from the website and forum. I am picking up my first 2 ball pythons tomorrow so there'll be pictures to follow too. I have a passion for bearded dragons as well.
Must go and finish enclosure. Thanks again.

lovesnuffles 06-01-2011 03:01 PM

Grats on your two first snakes blue!! We'll be waiting for those pictures :)

DodoBird27 06-01-2011 07:59 PM

Welcome to the forum! Congrats on the new snakes, and like snuffles said, we want pics!:)

Sparcky 07-15-2011 07:04 PM

Hello :)
I have been reading this forum for months and finally decided to register. I plan on picking up my first snake in a few weeks after we finished moving. After 6 months of researching I have decided to get a corn snake for several reasons. I do have a question though. Are there personality differences between male and female? Which would be better? I do not plan to breed. I only want a pet.

For example, I used to have ferrets and I know that males have a tendency to be more laid back, easier to handle and lazier then the females who are generally very hyperactive and "moody" :P I have had both though. Are there differences with snakes? If so, what gender would be easier for a noob? :)

Thank you for your wonderful site and forums. You all have taught me a great deal. I can hardly wait to be finished moving so I can pick up my new baby.


DodoBird27 07-15-2011 07:35 PM

I don't think there are any noticeable personality differences between females and males. Females get a little bit bigger, and males are more likely to stop eating for a bit due to breeding season, but nothing that would affect personality.
Welcome to the forum Sparcky, and congrats on deciding to get a snake =)

lovesnuffles 07-15-2011 09:06 PM

Woohoo! You posted!!

As Dodo said, there's really no personality difference between the two. Females do get bigger, but there isn't really a difference. However, I do find that albino corn snakes tend to be more laid back ... I don't know why, it's just my own personal observation.

DennyS 02-12-2013 05:22 PM

Not accepted as a member?
I guess I need to post this again... If someone uses your computer for the purpose of sending spam mail you will not be excepted as a member! I check your user name, email and your IP address at If any comes of it comes back as a spammer I delete your request to join! In the case of your IP address, it means someone is accessing your computer for spamming! We hace worked hard to delete spammers, porn and pill sale here! Now I have the spam checker software.

DennyS 02-12-2013 05:24 PM

What I have found is that all my females are more "Nest Protective" espacially my bullsnakes! Once they finally retract back into the nest area ( they hang 4 feet out of the rack trying to kill me), I can pretty much pick them up. Only a few will still try to take my hand off! lol

DennyS 04-19-2013 09:02 PM

Sorry I was out of town...
To our newest members I have to apologize that I was delayed in acting on your application to join. I was in another state looking for a farm! We welcome you and hope that you add to our discussions and ask questions! DennyS.

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