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I looked at it twice and I can't find nothing on reptiles. That seem to be all about dogs and cats and their keepers.
I did learn that they can humanely kill your dog with a gun shot to the head.
ok.. maybe I had the wrong link.. I found it one time... I don't think it specifically said 'reptiles'.. just 'exotics'.. I remember it saying the limit was 50 lbs... in fact, I think it said that if it was over 49 lbs. they could take it.. and I remember seeing that about the gun shot to the head.. lol!.. one time, there was a baby deer that was injured or something.. it was Chrismas Eve several years ago.. the neighbors called Animal Control after it crawled into a soybean field.. we walked out there with the guy and he just shot it in the face with a shotgun and left.. I even asked, 'shouldn't we at least have it checked out to see if it can be saved?'... he looked at me like I was stupid.. Merry friggin' Christmas!..
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