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Yes but you will probably get lucky when you get older and gain a bit. =/ Most adults do if their lanky as kids. I swear the only thing on my body that makes me wiegh more then a feather are my boobs and my butt <.< Thats the only place I seem to accumulate any know, <.< 'Stuff' I guess im lucky, for as tiny as i am i could be flat chested with no butt =]
I wont be so lucky as an adult =[ I will not gain any further wieght sadly...Unless I decided to have a child, and i have decided that my life wont take the direction for many reasons, one being medical issues that would ensue...
Im almost 20 and im done growing =/ i wish I could have at least hit 100Lbs. and maybe 5'4
And when you get to be really old you shrink! O.O so ill probably be like 4'8 and 75 Lbs.
My mom is a thicker woman but shes also very short and small waisted, she just happens to have to biggest set of boobs I have ever seen! and butt too <.< but she started hemoraging when she was giving birth to me and almost died =/ the blood transfusions were going in as fast as they were coming out. And then I was very sick as a baby most of the time, odd becuz as a pre-teen and teenager my Immune system was bullet proof =] Which im glad for, the only thing that ever happend was REALLY BAD strep throat, the kind that can kill you if its not caught in time =[ I use to get it every 3 months of so, then they took my tonsils out and I was bullet proof =]
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