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A lot of new people don't stay, that's why They come and ask a question and leave ;.;

I've changed so much over the past years honestly .... Looking back .... When I was a kid, I looked like a boy cause the "bowl cuts" were in style Then as a teenager, I didn't look good at all cause my hair was blond ((I DON'T look good blond!)) and long ((I hate my hair really long)) and I wore baggy clothes =/ Then I cut my hair short and looked a little better, then got new glasses and died my hair darker and I looked good o.o Now I look like a frigging elf from Lord of the Rings cause my ears are so pointy and stick out through my hair and my hair is a bit darker since I got those pink highlights =/ If it was black, I swear they'd put me in the next Eragon movie as one of the elves xD I wouldn't even need the ear extensions!!
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