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sadly my brother moved out yesterday morning :'( had a blowup with mom and dad took all his animals with him. no more geckos, no more layla, no charlie lackey... its just my snake, my iguana, and his fish left. its actually a lot sadder than i expected it to be. so empty and now his room is freezing. i'll try to get him to send me a picture of the new snake.

nah she hasnt dropped them yet, im getting antsyy and the vet has been on vacation for the past week. i just want them to take them out and be done with it so she can start feeling better.

but heres a story: i woke up one morning after she had slept in my bed, and couldnt find her anywhere.. and i mean i tore my room apart, searched the whole house, even my closet. i went back to bed for a few more hours figured i would find her when i woke up. and i did
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