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thanx i get a little camera happy at times.

yea shes my girl, has a nice heating blanket and her own section of my bed where she sleeps every night. she usually burrows under my tapestry thingy to keep the heat in and its really cute.. doesnt leave her spot much these days since shes massively uncomfortable and the rest of my room isnt warm enough for her lol but some nights i wake up and shes sneezing on me, big wet cold sneezes. which is when i put a blankett on her and go back to sleep hehe

i cant expand my collection too much, im moving into a small apartment this coming summer so i have to have room for everyone lol but i might take the scorpions, not sure yet. the whole buying crickets all the time thing is kind of a pain

i have a picture that i want to use as an avatar but i cant shrink it down to size without it looking like crap. any suggestions?
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