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Default Unique Situation

Hey all, i was reading through this thread and found it helpful, but doesn't seem to solve my specific problem. I have a corn snake, picked him up at a reptile show about 5 years ago, and he was just a lil guy then. Ergo, he's about 5 years old.

We've never had any problems with him until recently. He seems to have lost the ability to feed. It used to be every saturday we would feed him, but lately the following occurs.

He'll go after the mouse like normal and start to eat. However after about 3-4seconds, he simply opens his jaw and lets the mouse drop. I've tried wet and dry, even cut it open so the scent of blood would encourage him, but the same result every time. Would this be caused by some infection/disease? We're growing concerned because it's been a good 4 weeks since he last fed.
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