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Default Help-have to choose between boas and my kids!!!

So I am hoping someone will have some insight for me. I am in the middle of a battle for visitation with my two oldest daughters. One of the major issues is my snakes. I have 2 Colombian red tail boas.

Dr. Squeeze is a 7 foot male; Shakira is a 4.5 foot female. They are both gentle and docile as can be and have never struck at or bitten anyone in the 5+ years we have owned them. They live in a large tank/aquarium that is secured with a chain link as well as being strapped down with two cargo straps. Neither one has ever escaped.

My daughters' grandparents, who have custody, made me agree to move the snakes to another location whenever my kids are with me. Well, this simply isn't feasible. First of all I don't have a traveling setup for them, nor can I afford one. Without a secure place to keep them, I don't have many people offering to house them. My local pet store said I could keep them in one of their empty tanks but I am concerned about my snakes picking up mites or other diseases from the other reptiles around them.

What can I possibly do or say to defend myself and my snake ownership?? Remember, I'm not just trying to convince some uneducated schmuck here, I am trying to prove myself to a court of law. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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