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Default hello to all here

I am new here and have owned several snakes in my life. I just recently got a red tailed columbian boa. my baby she is 2 ft long and bueatifull her mother was albino and her father was a two headed red tailed. My granddaughter has now named her I have also a australian jungle carpenter python. She is 6ft long and incredible. her name is yes my granddaughter named her ok she has a hamster cheese to. well silvermyst has stopped eating now. she has not ate in over a month. she is lively and is always moving in her cage. I have the usuall heat,humidity,thermastates and all. she has a large waterbowl. and a good place to hide that she never she perfers to sit on top
I have tried dead rats. live rats. big rats small rats. and nothing i have tried wiggling it I even got her a bigger cage. she uses natural shavings and sometimes newpaper. she loves to be held and likes exploring. so anyone.I was told she might be pregnant when i got her but that was in oct. and nothing. so i believe she is not
she sheds but does not eat and her last skin came out bueatifull. any ideas i would love to hear from you. thanks jenny
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