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Default Childrens Python (Antaresia childreni) question

I just got my first snake, a children python. (which i have named Lt. Dan, cause HE AINT GOT NO LEGS!) and i just got a few questions.

Hes eating pinky mice, I've fed him once so far (last Friday) and was told where i bought him(or her) to feed him every 7-10 days. so the plan is to feed'm on Fridays.

I want him to grow quickly, and was told i could try feeding him 2 mice a week and he will grow faster. but i want to make sure this isn't going to harm him in anyway. some animals, like dogs, will keep eating and eating if they have food offered to them regardless of health implications. Are snakes like this? or will he just not take a second mouse if he doesn't need/want it? I want him to grow quickly, but dont want to risk his health to do it.
little advice??
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