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my middle school tried to give me a detention cuz my black shoes were faded and they claimed they were "gray" but im almost positive that back then adidas sambas didnt come in gray. i dont think they do now for that matter.... either way, they were black. and i got away with it, what the hell did they expect me to go out and buy new shoes cuz mine were old??? this coming from the school that sent home letters evey week begging for money. and now its been demolished

my high school principle threw a shit fit cuz my hair was braided (in little braids) claiming it was an "unusual" hair style. however, the african american girls in my class got away with it every time. something wrong with this picture? i was let off the hook that time mostly for that reason, but only if i didnt put beads in my hair <rolling my eyes>. i made sure after i cut my hair that i spiked the crap out of it on dress down days just to piss them off

snuffs theres nothing wrong with plugs as long as they arent disgustingly huge. i stopped at a 2g cuz i was perfectly content with them. then i got married and had to take them out for the wedding and didnt end up putting them back in cuz of work. bleh.
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