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I can't stand mikes dad, if we don't move out soon I will have a stroke and it will be because of him. We get NO peace or quiet, he's constantly yelling down the stairs to us usually about nothing important "we're home" or "we're going out" or even "you have mail" really? After 2.5 years yes I think I'm aware that we get mail. If we have people over he has to be nosy and follow us wherever we go. I cant even go upstairs to take a piss when hes home cuz he stops me to talk to me about things i just dont care about, because we still don't have a bathroom down here. And then there's the expecting mike to work on their cars for free and nagging at me when it takes him forever. Oh yea and the un-training my dog, that's a good one.

I love it when people tell me to save up so we can move out. really? I never thought of that what a good idea.

Hopefully this new job happens soon so we CAN move out.
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