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Been on and off this site every so often looking for pointers but never posted. Guess I better since I saw this. I had always wanted a snake when I was a kid, but my mother wouldn't let me have one. It's been well over 20 years and I finally got my first snake about a year and 1/4 ago when I was given a boa constrictor (Hogg Island x Columbian) by my dance teacher's husband who was a breeder. Since then I have acquired more and also have a baby Ball and 2 baby corn snakes. My snakes and I have recently made and entered a video in a contest by Reptile Channel and others to promote snakes called "Stand Up For Snakes." My snakes were good....I am a horrible actor, plus I also had to handle the camera. Aside from snakes, I like horses and have 2, plus cats, chickens, Guinea fowl, fish and I might have missed some. I play bagpipes and belly dance. Don't laugh at my photo please.

Please take a few moments to view and vote for this video I entered in the Stand Up For Snakes contest:
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