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Unhappy Help! Need information fast!!!

Hello fellow snake lovers!! I am hoping and praying that someone somewhere in this forum can give me some guidance.

I am in a custody battle of sorts with my daughters' grandparents and legal guardians. In a nutshell, they refuse to allow my daughters (ages 14 & 15) to visit my home so long as my two Colombian red tail boas are present. Every time we go in front of a judge or mediator, I am never allowed to defend myself or my pets or present any kind of information on my behalf.

I have 2 red tails. My male, Dr. Sqeeze, is just under 7 feet. My female, Shakira, is a little over 4 feet. Neither one has ever bitten anyone nor struck at anyone the entire 6+ years we have owned them. My daughters' grandparents have never even seen the snakes or their enclosure.

We have a court date coming up in a few weeks. It will be my one and only chance to file any sort of documentation or information to back up my side. This is where I need your help, friends!! Can anyone point me in the direction of some POSITIVE information on keeping snakes as pets??

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
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