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Hi Jake! Welcome to the forum! We're glad to have you Congrats on the new scaley baby

Aspen bedding is good for snakes, you can keep it if you like it. It's really just a personal preference as far as bedding goes. I used to keep mine on aspen, but had to quit when a bag I bought was infested with mites. I'm now still battling the mites, but now I'm FINALLY on the winning side!! > MWAHAHA!! ..... But yeah, you run a risk of parasites and bugs being in your bedding anytime you get it from a pet store. If you want to eliminate that risk, paper towels or news paper are very easy to use, clean and get a hold of.

Boas are south american snakes, so they like a pretty high humidity. I'd say around 70%ish or so is good. 60% at the very least. I live in Louisiana though, and the humidity is so high here that I really just don't even worry about my snakes humidity lol. Unless they're desert dwellers, then I'll dry it up a bit for them.
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