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Originally Posted by lovesnuffles View Post
I'm not sure. I don't think Lihed has had any problems whatsoever with her dwarfs.

LOL Raptor!! Yes indeed!! I change my answer! I want that one too xD
your right, i have never had a problem with mine, they do like to eat, my female the super dwarf is a little neurotic and very curious and fast holy cow is she fast it used to scare me a little becaouse her personality is, were ever your hands go she moves her head in that direction, i have gotten so used to it it no longer scares me. now the male dwarf super tiger is so laid back, sometimes it's hard to believe he's a retic he acts more like a shy ball python, he is such a gentle snake, like he doesn't have a care in the world, he even takes his food gentle. he's so adorable
jungle carpet python[jewel]
super dwarf retic[shelah]
spotted python[Lew]
male normal ball python[Jiggs]
female pastel ball python[chloe]
Diamondback water snake[Jayda]
sand boa[spooky]
western hognose[Java]
bearded dragon[Be Be]
super tiger dwarf retic[Zander]
albino Ball Python [Jasmine] AKA, Jazzy
western hognose[Josie]
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