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Default Hard Times :(

So as most of you know, I haven't been having good experiences with my snakes lately For those of you not on Facebook, here's the extent of it:

I've lost both of the Rosy boas and the Spider ball python. They've all died, one by one. The fire ball python and my anery boa got relocated to a friend in LaARK. My iguana is currently being baby sat by some more friends in LaARK. For now, they're all in good hands.

All I'm left with now is Brandy, Whiskey, Sangria, Jack and Arty, the pastel ball python I got who was supposed to be a girl but is in fact a very well endowed male. Each one of them seems to be doing better now that I've had some help in getting them treated and they each have a good meal in them. Sangria is looking a little bad, but she ate for me tonight and should be shedding in the next few days, so hopefully she'll bounce back. Especially now that most of those blood ****ing, life stealing nasty little bugs are dead. I'm hoping Kyle and my mom will continue to help me keep them treated. If they will, we can get them back in tip top shape.
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