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Thanks guys. Lihed, I'm using a permethrin mixture of my own making. It's basically the same as Nix lice spray, but it came from a farm store in a huge bottle and like you, I've barely put a dent in it. I'd be interested to know the Ivermectin treatment though. Just in case.

Dodo, you have absolutely no idea ..... you've seen pictures of Riesling right? How red he was and beautiful? I'm not exaggerating when I say he had so many mites on him that he looked like a Mexican Rosy boa instead of a Pioneer. I don't know how they would have killed him so fast though, even with so many. I think it was actually the maggots that killed him. I didn't get a chance to examine him. I have no idea how maggots got into his cage, but they completely decomposed Chianti. She was a horrible sight. I couldn't help but sit there and cry and cry, after first puking my guts up. I hope no one ever has to see anything that horrid and disgusting ever. I imagine the effect of seeing her in that state was about the same as finding a dead human body. Traumatizing ..... it really was bad.

Good thing Franky didn't send Sabina to me. I hadn't been out to the shed since the last time I fed the snakes, so I had no idea how bad things were, nor did I really want to know since at that point there was nothing I could do until someone came to help me. I preferred to be blissfully unaware rather than stress myself out over something I had no control over. Is that wrong of me?
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