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Lovesnuffles, when i had mites i went to the vet, only because this was my 1st experience with mites and wanted to be sure what to do, as you know they told my to use the ivermectin, the vet told me to spray the snake, every inch of the enclosure inside and outside of the cage including the area all around the cage, then the vet told me to buy flea and tick spray and spray all carpet, curtains basically all areas that was away from the cage. i used the flea and tick spray every 2 weeks for about 1.5 months. then the ivermectin i used every 4-5 days, however i did every 4 days at the bigninng if you do try this you have to be sure it's ivermectin for cattle and you would mix 1ml to 1L of water, it's best to mix a new batch every time, i had the most excellent results with ivermectin. but as your friend pointed out, you CAN NOT miss any spot in an enclosure when your dealing with mites, i literally sprayed every knook and cranny there is including track for sliding glass doors i also heat using over head heating i would turn there heat off and wiped the ivermectin in and out of the heat dome i even sprayed the screen the the dome sits on, while i would be spraying the cages i would soak there hides in the bath tub with just hot water then before putting the hides back in the cage i still sprayed the heck out of them with the ivermctin, don't for get water dishes too, i soaked there water dishes in hot water also, of course i did not spray them. good luck i hope you get it under control asap
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