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as a general rule, I've always heard not to handle them for a day or two after feeding to avoid regurgitation.. to let those digestive enzymes do there thing and 'mushify' (new word?) their meal... 8) since switching to rabbits ('jumbos' weren't my first choice, but they made up the majority of the 'assortment' pack I ordered :roll: ) I give her extra time... she seems to still enjoy daily visits, though.. she'll stay coiled up, but raise her head and come to the side of the tank as if to say, 'hi!'.. after about 4-5 days the lump is gone and I'll handle her gently.. I think any interaction will help avoid them reverting to 'untame'.. as long as they're accustomed to contact they'll be less likely to be spooked by being approached... the bigger mine gets, the less I like the idea of 'spooking' her.. 8)
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