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How much is that in US dollars I wonder? :S

Sadly, I've seen my first ever hot vendor here in Louisiana .... and I didn't like what I saw one bit -.-' ..... The snakes were HELLA cheap .... Like ... about as affordable as a leopard gecko kind of cheap!! ((I realize that most of them were natives to Louisiana anyways and could be found in any back yard, but the temptation is a LOT less when you're dealing with one in your back yard and don't know how to handle it, than if you have one for $40 in a nice neat little package that allows you safe handling sitting right in front of you)) And not only that, they weren't very secure. I was very unhappy with that vendor. And worse off still, my boyfriend's four year old kept tugging on their netting, trying to rip it down, and they didn't even say a word to us or to him about it. We corrected him for it, of course, like good parents should, but still .... I wonder what would have happened if he'd have slipped out of our sights for a second, ran to that table and ripped down that netting without us knowing. Would the vendor have even TRIED to stop him?
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