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Alrighty folks! I'm back! (don't keep chaging forums on me LOL)

I recently had a problem similar to this with m new baby. She did not have a clean shed. It felt all dry and such. It's areally gross feeling and makes you wonder if you have a "mean" snake...

What I did was similar to what WicanMan said. But I put her in a tub of her own, lukewarm water and let her (or him) swim for a while. Then my son and I were abl eto gently bring the rest of the shed off. Ther eis only one part of the neck, about 2-3 inches below the head that is not doing so well but I'm nto sure if she (or he) is just thin or just dry.

One th ing is that I was using Cypress Mulch and the snake was burrowing and was somewhat confused. So I wonder if that was part of the problem? But so far, things are good I think. I'm keeping an eye out on for the next shed.Hopefully I won't have too many issues.
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