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Default Husbandry questions...

Okay folks...

My snake shed today and POOPED like a dog! But is less than 24 inches still as I'm feeding small hoppers.

However, the shedding didn't go so well and I'm frustrated and wondering what I may be doing wrong. She/he did not shed well last time either. So I changes substrate from cypress mulch to repti-bark to give it more substance to crawl up to shed easier.

Enclosure Arrangement:

In a 20 gallon I beleive (24 inchs wide, 12 inches wide and 19 inches deep). I have both an UTH and basking light (blue bulb 100w) which puts the hot side at 90 degrees. The cool side is 70 degrees so pretty much a good condition I think.

But I'm not sure if she/he is not shedding well for something else?

What should I do next? I did feed and she/he ate. Then I moved to a soaking tank for a bit before I will move to her enclosure for the evening.

Maybe I am doing this wrong but I'm conserned of not having a complete shed and not sure what to do....
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