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Default Need some Red-Tail Advice

I recently got a red-tailed, who I named Sadie from a women in NY. I was told she is about 6 mo. old and eats 2 live mice every week. Well, I waited several days to let her get used to the new house smells (she has her original cage and her things) and proceeded to feed her. She ate one mouse. She has not eaten since then and I don't know if I should be worried. I have read up on this species and I don't know if she is "hibernating" because it's getting cooler or if she is stressed about eating or if she is finicky. She is very docile, loves being held, likes to chill in her her tree and water dish, and seems curious when a new smell or person is around her.

Is this normal behavior? I only have experience with two corns. My male is 4 yrs old and my female is about a year. They both eat frozen/thawed mice not live. I have attempted to give this option to Sadie, I have even "brained" both frozen and live mice. and it just seems to stress her out, she doesn't seem interested. I also tried feeding in a feeding container and in her cage.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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