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have you checked the humity levels? I have found that whenever Hawn has a problem with shedding it has been cuz the humidity was too low. when you see that the snake is getting the glazed look in the eues then they are getting ready to shed and try cranking up the humidity. at almost 13 feet it only trakes Hawn about a half hour to completely shed her skin. Its a really kewl thing to watch. Now as for substrate. I have and always will use a good rubber backed indoor outdoor carpet for subtrate. It makes it really easy to clean. I just take it out and through it in the washer. DO NOT UE ANY SOAPS OR ANYTHING IN THE WASH WHEN YOU THROW THE PIECE IN TO WASH IT. I just use plain hot water and really just use the washer cuz I feelbetter knowing the water got hot enough to help kill any bacteria on the carpet piece. I have atleast 4 different pieces of carpet so when I clean out her viv I can just put a clean one right back in and dont have to wait for it to dry or anything.
Hope that helps
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