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No it wasnt Hawn. I had to get rotator cup surgery about 2 days before I started building it. But, hawn has biten jenny, It happened a few years back and of course when it happened I posted it here but there was very little damage. Im very very careful when it comes to anyone handling Hawn and I aways make sure we have a big spray bottle of ice water. As soon as I squirted her with that she released jens hand with very little damage. Jen isnt afraid of her at all though. She understands that the reason hawn struck was cuz Jen had just brought home hawns food and even though she hadnt taken it our or even directly touched it, it made Hawn go into feeding mode. All is good now., Hawn is one of te sweethest and docile snakes I have ever seen. A few years back I was having a little trouble with her wanting to strike everything but with the help of everyone on this site we worked it out and all is good.
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