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What type of tank do you use? What I mean by that is..... Does the tank have a solid lid or a screen lid. I found out a long long time ago that when I used screen lids I couldnt keep the humidity right either. Now all of the vivs I do are totally sealed. Well not air tight mind you but I use Lexon glass instead of screen or mesh and mine dont have lids at all. the tops are all permanently solid. I am working on a thread to post how I built the viv hawn uses now and if you check that out in a day or two you will see what I mean. Im posting a pic of it so you can see If you do use a screen lid or you have mesh or screen on the sides try covering all of those with just some plexi-glass. Now you dont want it so you cant remover the plexi-glass. You might have to move it around and leave some of the openings exposed to the humidity doesnt get too high.
Let me know if this helps
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