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Ok its been a long time since I have tried to post anything of length on here so I am going to start out by HOW TO BUILD A GAS CHAMBER. I know it sounds a lot more diabolical then it really is...
First I want to begin by saying that I do not nor will I ever again feed any of my snakes live prey. I have not only seen way too many pics of snakes that have been killed by a tiny little mouse cuz the snake wasnt hungry when it was fed so that gave the mouse the opportunity to bite the snake or even eat the snake. I had that happen to me about 25 years ago with a small redtail boa we had.
Now you might ask.... Why not buy frozen, they are a lot cheaper and safer. My answer to that question is this..... When you go to the store and buy a nice t-bone, do you buy it frozen? No you dont. You buy it fresh and eat it while it is still fresh. Also to add to my reasoning... I have no idea how long ago that rat was frozen and if it was healthy when it was frozen. Now I have been told over and over again that the freezing process would take care of anything that the rat might have had that would harm my snake but again I say poppy****!
Therefore I always buy live rats and I keep them for at least 24 hours before I euthanize them in my gas chamber to make sure they arent sick.
Now your next question is I'm sure... Why not just bash the rat or daze the rat or whatever else you might come up with to kill it. My answer to that is.... Why? The poor rat is already giving his life for my babies why make him suffer anymore then it has to. After building the chamber the cost is a fraction of a cent to use. I just filled up my Co2 bottle Fri after I used it for 4 years! Thats right I said 4 years. It cost me less then $5.50 USD to fill the bottle and it took me over 4 years actually to empty it.
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