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Ok I am eing really confused. I know I know I know it doesnt take much to confuse me. But! I need some input on a subject that I have discussed with others a lot.
Just what is that subject, you ask?
Well I'm really glad that you asked me that cuz I'm going to tell you.
I have read in a lot of places that you should always put your snake in a different cage, viv, container or whatever to feed them. Now as most here know I have 1 big snake and 1 very BIG snake. I have had Hawn for over 4 years now and I have never taken her out of her viv to feed. I always feed her in the same place that she lives everyday. Now before you tell me Im nuts I will give my reasoning for this. After Hawn eats I do not disturb her for about a day. This being said if I fed her in diff location she would have to stay there for a day after she is done eating. Now jen has been bit by her once and thats it. no one else has even had a strike unless she was in her viv striking at the glass. When I do get her out I always use a probe stick to touch her head and keep her from striking me while I touch her with my free hand. I dont know that she would strike at me but when you are dealing with a snake over 12 feet long you have a few rules that you follow.
Now with Russell we have only had him for 2 weeks and just fed him the first time this past monday. I also fed him in his viv.
So tell me am I nuts or is there a method to my madness? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!
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