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Default This isn't snakes, buttt .... :)

I can't pass up an opportunity to sell! Lol!

So if anyone wants to get rid of that reptile smell in their house ((I know, I know. Some of you like it, I like the smell of reptiles, too!)), I have the PERFECT thing! Scentsy! It's amazing! It's a wickless candle and you just plug it into the wall or they have room sprays and it'll smell up your whole entire house. There are some amazing scents. And for those with kids, you can check out the Scentsy Buddies. They're stuffed animals that you can put scent packs in and they smell amazing. ((Unfortunately, there's no snake Scentsy buddy ))

For those of you who are out of the U.S. ... I'm unsure if you can order or not ... I know some countries can ... So it all depends ...

And don't worry, the information goes to Scentsy, not to me! So I won't see your shipping addresses or your credit cards or anything like that. The only thing I can see on my end is your name and when your order ships ((I'm unsure if they send you a tracking number or not, so if not, I can tell you when you can expect your order !))

But yep ... That's my pitch ... They sell this stuff at Reptile Expos ... So that's reptile enough to post it here, right?! <--- That's my website Isn't it fancy? <3 I love this Scentsy stuff, as those of you on Facebook can already tell!

((P.S. And if you are interested and do choose to buy something, can you click next to Catherine Haddow's name where it says "Buy From Party"? She's a fellow snake lover and you'd be helping her get free stuff with no extra cost to you!))

((P.S.S. And if you wanna know what a certain scent smells like, ask me and I'll give you the closest reference I can!))
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