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Yay, a crestie! I enjoy cresties, but they seem fragile. I've had 5, but only 2 are currently alive...but most of those deaths weren't my fault, maybe all of them weren't.
He/She have a name yet? Pics, hurry!

My set ups are pretty basic. For my first gecko I played around with various substrates, but she kept trying to eat them so I settled on paper towel. Much easier to use and much less of a choking/impaction hazard. As for cage decoration, I just go with a piece of wood and/or cork bark for climbing and a bunch of plastic vines and leaves to stick to the walls. I sometimes even stick in small hides because my a few of my geckos have tended to prefer burrowing or sleeping on the ground rather than in the plants. Your lil dude sounds little, so he probably only needs a faunarium or small tank.

Any news on how Sebastian is doing?
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