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He has a name; I decided on Gilbert. I might call him Gilby for short. If he turns out to be a she, I'll have to come up with something else though.

Right now I've him in a Kritter Keeper with a few fake plants and vines; he is also on paper towels. I think I may keep it that way, at least until I get him a bigger cage.

The last I heard about Sebastian was he got out of his outside cage, and they still haven't found him. I really hate that he got away; the people I gave him to have other large lizards and they seemed like the right choice--I saw some of their set ups, and they were well maintained--but the guy didn't listen to me and take the necessary precaustions: i.e., putting a liner under the cage so Sebastian couldn't dig his way out. I hope they find him, but I doubt they will.
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