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Originally Posted by lovesnuffles View Post
So I'm seriously thinking about breaking up with Kyle ... We just aren't working and I'm really starting to see his true colors now and I don't like it. But I'm not sure how to break up with him .... :/ He's a lying, controlling asshole who thinks his poop doesn't stink! And I'm SICK of it!! Plus, I'm really sick of that embarrassed feeling I get whenever my ENTIRE friends and family say how much they hate him and what a prick he is ... It's hard to be around people when the one you're with is being such an asshole to everyone else around you. He's got an ego that is WAY to big and today I realized everything he's been lying to me about and that he apparently expects me to be his maid. I'm a maid to NO ONE except my twins. And we've been fighting a lot ...

But anyways ... I just wanted to get this off my chest.
Sounds like you answered your own question. If he's the daddy of the twins, he'll be around for a while. Which doesn't sound so good for you. Is he good for them? Thats another question for you to think about. I hope it turns out good for u and twins!!!!
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