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I'm gonna go back to mom's ... I can't work with the twins and go to school as well ... and I just don't make enough from Scentsy to be able to afford my own place! So it's all set up ... Wednesday, I've got some friends of mine helping me out and we're getting me outta here while he's at work. I feel guilty not telling him ... and I feel guilty going along with pretending to be happy with him while I'm really plotting leaving him ... But Wiccan is right. I dunno how things will be if I do tell him that I'm leaving. Probably not good. He is very controlling, but he's not physical I don't think ... Not unless I would hit him first.

But I've just gotta let ya'll read the text he sent me earlier -.-' ... Get a load of this crap, this is word for word:

"I want to trust you and you to trust me, and the way for me to trust you is for you to be open and honest with me with no exceptions. For the most part, you do those things. However, no insult intended, you learned to lie because of your mom from a very young age. You learned that it was ok to only tell the truth sometimes and never be truly open to anyone. That's why we have problems is because I not only ask but demand open and honest and I don't think you know what that really means. But that's ok. I will show you, and you will grow as a person and find that the more open and honest you are, the more you will allow yourself to trust not only me, but others more fully."

My "lie" was saying "ok" when he told me to call my aunt to come help me with the twins and I didn't actually call her because he was on his way home and I saw no point ... WTF right?! Does that sounds condescending to anyone else or am I just way over-reacting?
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