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He will be blind forever, but it won't hinder him. Snakes don't have the greatest eye sight anyways and rely more on smell to "see".

Go to a local pet store and ask them for a mouse. The mouse should be no bigger than the widest part of his body. So if he's still a baby, ask for a pinkie. Preferably live for now, since he's wild caught. You can switch to frozen later. Frozen will be best for a blind snake anyways. So he's not trying to strike and keeps missing the mouse.

Normally, this forum will try to discourage you from keeping a wild caught snake and encourage you to go and buy one from a breeder because it's healthier, but given the circumstances, I think it would be best for the snake if you kept him. Just make sure you know that hog noses are rear fanged and do have a mild venom. If you're bitten, your hand might swell up, but don't freak. It won't hurt you. Just make sure you don't become allergic to it, because that can happen.
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