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I was thinking that I had posted to this already but it must have been a differnt one I guess. lol Thats what happens when you get old I guess. lol Anyways.....
I really feel compalled to reply to this so strongly because I really dont agree with feeding my snakes live prey. there are more then just one reason for this too. the number one reason being that I have had to pay a very expensive vet bill because a mouse bit one of my snales one time. The mouse had been in the tank for less then 30 seconds when it attacked my snake. As Doug said we take them out of the wild when we have them in our homes and our lives. That being said I have no problem at all prekilling my snakes food. However. I dont put it in a pillow case and bash it on the edge of the counter as ( just as Doug stated ) many people do. I have built a gas chamber that works off of CO2 and I euthenize them that way. Its quick clean and above all else very humane.
Again as Doig said it gets very expensive feeding Hawn and Russell fresh kill prey. I have to pay about 12 for Jumbo rats and hawn eats 3 of them every 2 weeks. Now Russell only eats 2 but tharts a total of 120.00 USD a month just for the two snakes that I have. The reason I still have them on Rats instead of moving them up to bigger prey is cuz I guess I have a problem with bunnies and chickens and things like that. Rats no problem doing tham at all. lol
Now why not feed them frozen you might as? Well I'm glad that you might have asked that... My reason is cuz although everyone says that even if the rats were sick when they were frozen, the process would destroy anything that could harm the snake. Thats fine but I dont belive in the 3 second rule either ( drop something on the floor. If you pick it up within 3 seconds its still good to eat lolol ) I guess you might just say my pets are spoiled. Heck the dog gets some really nice cuts of steak at least once a week too. lol
Sorry for rambling on but I just really feel strong about my pets and their safety and comfort.
Jus to say I do disagree with whoever wants to feed live or frozen or dead or whatever as long as the animals best interest is at heart thats the most important thing to remember.
Oh byw there are plans on this site for my chamber and if anyone needs help with one let me know.
Thom & Jen H.

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