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Default Changes!!!

I have been for months now weeding out my favorite profiles to delete...Pills, Porn, Bots and non Reptile Biz ads! I logged on to see where our "guests" are and immediately looked at members profiles they were in. nine times out of ten they were related to my favorite sites to delete! So I contacted the BoaTips ADMIN and explained I would like to NOT allow access our profiles to unregistered guests!
************* DONE **************************. If you log into the "Board to see where everyone is you will see a lot of "STOP" signs. Only registered members can view OUR profiles and "I" check each new member to see who they are. I either approve them or cancel their account before they have access. Then I watch their profile for a month or two to see if have gone back and made an illegal home page! If they do they are deleted and I also ban the IP address. I praise our Site Admins (Lovesnuffles, Raptor667, Tmmpin) and our Moderators (Nasaan101 and Dodobird27) for all doing a great job in keeping our site clean! Thank you!! DennyS (Site Admin)
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