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Default New to this - lots of questions

Hello everyone,

I have recently purchased a ball python for my son - and is the case with most things new - I have a ton of questions I didn't think to ask before taking him home. I am hoping you all can help.

In reading through the posts here I see details help so I will try to be specific:
The python is about 3 months old (the store said). He is eating fine, thawed frozen. He is approximately 18" long. We have him in a 20 long terrarium with aspen substrate, hiding places for cool & hot sides, water dish big enough to soak. Two themometers & a hygrometer (reading between 50% & 60%), a heat pad under the tank and heat lamp over the top.

1. He seems to be more active the day before his feeding and almost agressive the day of the feeding. Is this normal?

2. We have had him about 2 weeks now and he has only gone to the bathroom once - should I be concerned (I've read mixed things online)?

3. The temps for the hot & cool sides: I understand the hot should be 90 - 95 and cool 80 - 85. But is that the air temp or surface temp?

4. Where should the tempurature probes be located - under the substrate or on the tank wall?

Sorry for such a long post but I want to make sure I am getting this right ASAP so as not to stress out the snake more than necessary. Thanks so much for any advice you can give!

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