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Hi Geni, Ok answers in order...
1. very normal! Please remember NOT to HANDLE ANY SNAKE THE DAY OF FEEDING AND 24 HRS AFTER. Owning a snake is "When will I get bit, NOT will I get bit. There are rules to owning ANY snake. Break a rule and you WILL GET BIT! Ball Pythons are great starter snakes. As a baby they will head butt you as a warning. Bites are not bad at all!!
2. He will normally go to the bathroom the day before feeding!
3. Surface temp..
4. Place temp probe inside the tank under the substrate! The snake is laying on or in the substrate over the heat. A belly burn will kill a snake in a heart beat!

Also I make a rule NEVER to handle a snake after DARK. That is when they hunt!
Snakes are normally sleeping during the day, if you wake them up they can be grumpy just like us.
When I feed my snakes I wear a pair of yellow dish washing glove to hide the heat signature of my hand...(limits my bites) and YES, I get bit about 5 times a year!
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