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Default Using Mineral Oil

I know its been awhile since I was on the forum, but I have a question concerning the use of mineral oil.
I know it can be used for many purposes, but mine will probably be for shedding problems. Now, Lucy had the most HORRIBLE shed this last took nearly two weeks to all come off and it was sad For some reason her tank does not hold moisture very well...I got a hold of some mineral oil and what a godsend!
My question was if there is anything about using TOO much mineral oil? She is nice a and shiny now, but does it clog pores? Or do I have to worry about that? I rubbed it in good and it was so much better! I was wondering if I could use it like every week? Or two weeks? Or just when I notice she is going into blue?
I want to try and avoid the mess we had this last was torture! For her and me.
Thanks in advance for any input!
Lucy (Columbian red-tailed boa)
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